Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home Computer Setup

Recently entropy caught up with the Home Computer, and resulted in a reformatting and a replacement of the old 32 bit operating system with a new 64 bit operating system.
The strategy has changed to use virtual machines for specific purposes instead of installing everything on the physical machine.
So, now, this is the setup:

  • Physical machine: 64 bit laptop with 64 bit operating system, with:

    • 7-zip

    • AVG Anti Virus

    • Emacs

    • Google Chrome

    • MiKTeX

    • Mozilla Thunderbird

    • TortoiseSVN

    • VisualSVN Server

    • WinDirStat

  • Virtual machine for development, with:

    • AnkhSVN

    • Firefox

    • FxCop

    • NUnit

    • SqlServer

    • TortoiseSVN

    • Visual Studio

  • Virtual machine for tests and games.

Is it better? No.
Is it smarter? No.
Is it new? Yes, for me it is!

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