Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A meditation plan

  • Focus on object
  • Visualize travel
  • Investigate thoughts
  • Visualize flowers in four corners
  • Focus on breathing
  • Visualize achievement
  • Visualize healing
  • Inner guide
  • Unify with upper self
  • Compassion
  • Unity with God
  • Focus on inner body
  • Focus on senses
  • Visualize a golden warmth

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kata: SimpleMembership

I did a coding exercise with ASP.NET Membership, with focus on managing users and roles in ASP.NET MVC 2:

Features include:
  • Add users with user name, email address, and password
  • List of users
  • Add roles
  • List of users in roles
  • Add users to roles
  • Update user's email address, approved status, and password

New learnings for me and possibly interesting things to draw from this:
  • The use of MultiSelectList in view models and views
  • The flexibiliy of the built-in Membership
  • How easy it really is to add these administration pages...

The project is added to Google code: kata-simplemembership

The source can be obtained or browsed here: